Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Haiku News - June 15, 2010

Companies ignore
women's spending power at
their own jeopardy.

Seed bombs exploding
into flower shaped shrapnel:
Guerrilla green thumbs.

Obsession for Men
doesn't just lure the cougars,
but jaguars as well.

Working with horses,
one cannot predict all the
risks their care entails.

Do not disregard
animal cruelty, for
people should worry.

Even the creatures
know that politicians can't
really be trusted.

Symbol of insight,
the humble light bulb truly
may spark bright ideas.

If a power pole
falls in the forest, workmen
will come to inspect.

The Octopus Tree,
a curious oddity,
its secrets still veiled.

Two Week Camel Milk
Challenge aside, I think I'd
at least taste test it.

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