Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Photography - Vegas Vacation, Part I

As promised, photos from my trip to Las Vegas in September. One of my favorite places to snap pics was at Fremont Street, one of the more family-friendly areas of Las Vegas. No, really! There were kids everywhere! It was like a street-party that happens every day and night, with music and vendors and entertainment. Visiting Fremont Street was one of my favorite Las Vegas experiences. Ha! I made a funny.

Fremont Street Experience

Fremont Street has a screen that arches across it on which a variety of media, in particular musical medlies by popular classic rock bands with psychedelic video accompaniment. It is called the "Fremont Street Experience." Basically, they're the newest generation of laser light shows. I think this particular "performance" was the Beatles, but I'm not sure.

Smoking Cowboy

Las Vegas' infamous 50-foot Smoking Cowboy neon sign can be found under the video canopy on Fremont Street.

Glitter Gulch

Okay, Fremont Street is family friendly as long as you don't go inside the casinos and gentlemen’s' clubs. Stay in the pedestrian-only street where all the non-gambling fun is and you'll be just fine. But I love these neon signs.

Maybe I'll post actual photos of my wedding next week, though those won't be by me, I was busy getting married! :) In the meantime, you can view the rest of my Las Vegas Vacation / Wedding photos at Flickr - at least the ones I've uploaded so far. I also posted a few photos from the drive to Vegas at Sam Can Shoot.


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