Monday, December 6, 2010

Haiku News - December 6, 2010

The TSA is
going for a world record
incurring lawsuits.

"We're only gonna
die for our arrogance - might
as well speed it up."

Men of the cloth risked
their lives to save a stranded
canine companion.

"Sex in the City"
is not comparative to
most females - STOP IT!

She lost her car, the
deer lost its life, but roadkill
can fetch a high price.

He plucked it from the
water, saying "Boomerangs
really do come back!"

This Kindergarten
took its love for "Survivor"
a little too far.

Its not bad enough
corporations are people,
but now renters aren't?

Cattle rustlers with
a long-term vision wanted
to begin small-scale.

Don't keep him from his
meds and whatever you do,
stay off his lawn, too!

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