Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Haiku News - December 21, 2010

Sleep deprivation
could turn Santa Claus into
a public menace...

...Perhaps that is why
one of his reindeer tried to
make the great escape.

Baby Jesus is
watched over by a higher
power: GPS.

This is the time of
year when Christmas Miracles
abound everywhere...

...Some really are, while
others could hardly be called
miracles at all...

...None should be confused
with the Christmas Beeracle,
a holiday brew.

Think of people less
fortunate at this time of
kindness and giving...

...Many families
are in need of even most
basic sustenance.

Please travel safely:
To live to celebrate next
year, don't drink then drive.

Most importantly,
take care of yourself and your
loved ones this season.

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