Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Photography - Vegas Vacation, Part II

I have finished uploading my Las Vegas vacation photos, with the exception of those taken at my wedding ceremony. Not counting those, I've pretty much caught up on my photo sorting and uploading! I thought highlighting the Fabulous Las Vegas sign would be the perfect way to commemorate having newfound space on my harddrive - so I can fill it up again!

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada

Ever since I knew we were going to Las Vegas, I knew I wanted to snap a photo of this sign at night. It's so iconic, it just had to be done. This sign is one of the only things that always stays the same in Las Vegas. Except for when people are throwing paint on it.

Drive Carefully - Come Back Soon

I have to say, though I try to always drive carefully, it will be a long time before I go back to Las Vegas. Maybe like my husband said we could go back for a 5 year anniversary thing, but not next freaking fall like some of my casino-lucky friends probably will. :)

Las Vegas Vacation, Part I
Las Vegas Vacation Photo Album

Sara Duane-Gladden is a freelance writer and photographer in the Twin Cities area of the great state of Minnesota.

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