Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Blogging New Year's Resolutions for 2011

True to Words has been around for two years! In 2010, I made some blog-related New Year's resolutions. Here's a report on my progress and some new resolutions for 2011!

This year, as last year, I resolve to...  

Write more blog posts - In 2009, I wrote 97 posts. In 2010, I wrote 108 posts. That is almost a 9% increase! For 2011, I am aiming to write at least 10% more for 119 posts! 

Increase post variety - I think I did this, delving more into ancient tongues and scientific studies of language than my first year. Now I think I want to also move towards discussing how language shapes our world in other ways. 

Blog more consistently - Most of the time, I was really good at being consistent, while there were periods when I was really bad about it. I have a good excuse, though: I got married! I'll do my best again this year, and if something time consuming comes up again, I'm going to try and be more pro-active about pre-posting. 

Revisit topics more often, like Bad Ad Placements and Language Barrier - I did revisit some topics this year, but I now find it a little odd that the specific two categories I mentioned last year didn't see any action. In 2011, am going to add at least one story to each! 

Write more reviews of music, movies, etc. - By doing two reviews last year (the awesome Donny Dirk's Zombie Den and the ill-fated, inappropriately named Taste of Minnesota), I doubled how many reviews I did in 2009. Four is what I'm aiming for this year, starting with the Winter Carnival Beer Dabbler Showcase on January 29.
      Did anyone else make blogging New Year's resolutions? Share them here or let's see your link!

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