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True to Words' Top 10 Posts of 2011

Gotta jump on the bandwagon for end-of-the-Old-Year/beginning-of-the-New-Year blog content. But I like doing these, so nyah! Without further ado, the top 10 most-viewed blog posts for True to Words in 2011.

10. Gender Stereotyping & Word Clouds: A Random Post

One of my attempts at a mini-post, inspired by The Achilles Effect, "Word Cloud: How Toy Ad Vocabulary Reinforces Gender Stereotypes". Eye-opening, for the informal research and for introducing me to how fun word clouds could be.

 9. Bad Ad Placement Example #2

Part of my Blogging New Year's Resolutions for 2011 included doing more "Bad Ad Placement Examples." I did exactly one last year, but it still counts as a continuation of a previous topic, right? Right. This one happened to be placing headlines about Osama Bin Laden's sea burial next to "Catch of a Lifetime" ads for Chevy and an unusually unappetizing ad for a Fish and Chips special.

 8. 27% of Congressional Communication is Taunting

I loved this post about a Harvard University analysis of Congress' language toward each other that showed nearly one-third of their communications are taunting in nature. I would love to see the results of a new analysis, as I think this percentage has gone up significantly, in inverse proportion to how little our "leaders" have accomplished in the meantime.

 7. Got Milk, Got Controversy

All I can say is that a long-running, successful ad campaign took a turn for the sexist last summer and the whole blogosphere was a buzz. Because I had written a piece on the Got Milk? campaign before, of course I had to jump on the bandwagon. If nothing else, I hope this fiasco taught some brands the importance of message testing. Seriously.

 6. Iron Age Hilltop Communication, Recreated

Another blog blurb! Probably the blurbiest one I've ever written. About an unique experiment that "shed light" on how Iron Age people communicated across distances about 2,500 years ago.

 5. Language Barrier: Finger Lickin' Good

A second installment on the Language Barrier series! Another 2011 New Year's Resolution success! This post talks briefly about KFC's 50-year-old successful ad campaign, and how the brand stumbled when it first entered the Chinese market due to a mistranslation of the famous tag line.

 4. Prairie Dogs Use Language to Describe Predators

There have been studies that show humans aren't the only species to have sophisticated language systems. This one talks about how prairie dogs communicate with each other. Really interesting to know that animals can warn each other about danger so specifically!

 3. Body Language: Wordless Communication

A Valentine's day post about a type of communication that talks volumes, but is often overlooked. Indeed, actions truly do speak louder than words!

 2. Friday Photography - New Background Wallpaper

I revamped my blog design in 2011 to more closely reflect the subject matter, as well as my tastes and style. Unfortunately, when I did so, it suddenly looked too much like other people's blogs. So I made my first background wallpaper!

 1. Longest Words in the English Language

This post was so much fun to write, even if it was a formatting nightmare due to some words being longer than a paragraph long. One was so long, I didn't include it in the post, I only linked to it. It is also one of only two posts with the distinction of having been clicked more than any page on True to Words, even the main page! (The other is Friday Photography - Graffiti is Like Modern Day Cave Painting)

There you have it! The top posts for 2011 at True to Words. Can't wait to see what it will be next year!

Honorable Mention: New Online Toy: Scoop.It

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