Thursday, June 10, 2010

Twin Cities Spark

One of the projects that has been taking up some time during my workweek is the Twin Cities Spark. The site is meant to highlight local Twin Cities bloggers. I wrote about it back in January when it was first started.

Now Twin Cities Spark really seems to be taking off. The site is constantly getting new nominations for bloggers we should highlight. We have a good stockpile of interviews to post in the coming weeks. And the quality of the blogger nominations we've been getting is astounding.

So I'm writing this post in an effort to draw attention to the site and hopefully get even more incredible Twin Cities blog nominations. Please take a look at the Spark site. Read about some Twin Cities residents who are leaving their mark on the blogosphere. Then nominate your favorite blogger to be featured for an interview! You can nominate even yourself if you would like. I'm the one who reads the nominations and I won't tell anyone. :)

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